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What are we offering?: 

Strategic advice in communication.

Planning of regional-oriented campaigns, working closely with the areas of Sales and Marketing.

Consultancy in communication, planning of events, identification of possible markets and information gathering to assist in the decision-making process of the company.

Support to Sales and local representatives, focusing on communication based on objectives and sales potentials.

Production of advertorials for the region and, eventually, for the rest of the world.

Management of social networks for Latin America, in Spanish, Portuguese and English, upon request.

Translation of newsletters and press releases to Spanish and Portuguese and distribution.


Delivering specific publications for the region, upon request of the client.

Participating in business presentations, fairs, congresses or other events.

Contact with the media. Managing the release of newsletters, advertorials, advertisements and other materials.

Interviews with operators around the world, for content-production purposes..

Photo productions to be used in contents addressed to the region and other news release projects of the company.

Work availability for all types of scenarios, from VIP events to field work in difficult conditions.

Availability to travel anywhere in the world.

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