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What makes the difference?: 

Doing business in Latin America and communicating what the industry has to offer is not an easy task. What differentiates us? We have a deep and broad knowledge  of  the  region,  thanks  to  our 20 years of service throughout Latin America.
We have set up the business in Latin America itself, have full command of the languages in the 

region (Spanish and Portuguese) and deeply know the Latin American idiosyncrasy.
Additionally, we have large work experience with companies across Europe, the United States, 

Asia and Oceania as well as proven effiency in meeting requirements set by leading companies 

regarding organization, deadlines, communication policies, etc.
And, unlike any other communication company, we can work in both VIP environments and 

under the most difficult scenarios, with experience in areas such as Antarctica, the Amazon or the high peaks of the Andes, in air, naval operations or on military vehicles.

Direct to the target: 

Advertorials are currently one of the strategies used by companies in the region. However, these are usually written to include what companies are willing to show regardless of their targets' 

interests. Most of the times, editors publish material as received without providing advice on the audience consuming the media.

This generally leads to advertorials being perceived by the audience as publicity, which may therefore bring about the impression that information is not objective.  An unwanted adverse effect is therefore triggered given that the audiece eventually loses interest in reports.
We therefore offer our experience in writing advertorials focused on information conveyed 

objectively with qualities of the product covertly shown.
Our aim is to create our clients' own material by showing their experience by means of interviews and photo productions which are then used to write articles following their approval. We also 

include interviews to the company's personnel with a journalistic approach specially focusing on showing the solutions and benefits provided by the company to raise interest among the 



Our experience and ongoing connection with the Armed Forces at the regional level allows us

 to have direct knowledge of the equipment, the specific needs of each force, as well as the 

appreciation and demands of the personnel, allowing us to know what to offer them and how. We do not only work from an office, but from the operations environment, in the air, on the sea and 

on the ground.


We focus on finding the ideal media to reach the target, avoiding random advertising or advertising in media without knowing the real scope of the information.
Our direct contact with most of the editors in the region allows for a better negotiation of spaces and fees.
Thus, the goal is to ensure the message reaches the recipient, making the company's communication effective at the best cost-benefit ratio.


The media in the region and their real scope are often unknown in the market, so their content is usually taken for granted, hoping it is reliable. Our job is to monitor every specialized and non-specialized media in the Latin American market on a permanent basis to ensure the effectiveness of publications regardless of what is alleged by the media.
With a strategy that includes advertisements, advertorials, social media as well as news coverage and news of the company, we aim to reach decision makers in a direct way, to position the brand, hold a strong footstep in potential markets and strengthen relationships with our clients.

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