Books by João Paulo Moralez: 


The first dedicated book about the advanced trainer and light attack turboprop developed by Embraer, the EMB-314 Super Tucano, was released in April 2018 and includes 96 pages with 54 colour pictures and 28 drawings and its world wide operation.

Published in January, 2018 by Harpia Publishing of Austria, EMB-312 Tucano describes the history and employment of one of the most advanced modern turbo-prop training aircraft.

Requested by the Aviation of the Brazilian Army to commemorate their 25th anniversary, C & R Editorial released in 2012 in Brazil the book Aviação do Ejército 25 Anos, with hardcover and luxury binding.

Edited by C & R Editorial, the work Project Demoiselle rescued the idea of the businessman Fernando de Arruda Botelho in the reconstruction of a replica of the airplane Demoiselle of Alberto Santos-Dumont. Released in 2007 in bilingual edition (Portuguese and English) with a participation of João Paulo Moralez.

In this book are described each of the aeronautical projects of Alberto Santos-Dumont, from the balloons to the airplanes. Released by C & R Editorial and coauthored with Claudio Lucchesi. First edition in 2005 and second in 2012.

Participation in the Official Guide of the Brazilian Aerospace Museum, launched in 2006 and written in Portuguese and English.