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Reaching where you want to go:

When it comes to communication, the objective is always to be able to show the product and its advantages to those who participate in the decision-making process for the potential purchase to take place. Under this view, not only is it important to identify decision makers, it is also critical to consider two key factors: 
1. Knowing the media that targets them to address communication properly. 
2. Generating content conveying the message the company wants to give, while proving the audience with interesting and trusted material


To provide the Aerospace and Defense industry with a strategy for better communicating its 

products in Latin America, with the aim of boosting its sales in the region.

Why Pucará Comunicación?

Every company in the Aerospace and Defense industry has its Press Office. However, these offices generally have a focus at a global level and are located in their parent companies, providing standardized communication for all media.
With over twenty-year experience in Journalism and Photography and seven-year performance in Press Consultancy addressing leading companies in the region, we have come to the conclusion that communication hardly ever meets the needs of the region, rarely conveys a message reaching key people and often lacks proper procedure.
We therefore offer a new service hand-in-hand with the work performed by Press Offices to provide them with regional tailored communication that includes essential information to build the best strategy while conveying content as expected by decision makers.

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